Why phone call?

Why phone call?

Today, voice messaging is one of the most effective tools for sending messages without any delay and at the specified time, so many government agencies, companies and advertising groups, especially business owners use it to communicate with a large number of people and in large numbers.

voice broadcasting is actually an effective tool to maintain a strong connection with a large part of the people and especially the target community of customers. Voice messaging helps sellers of goods and services to introduce their products to their customers by having many benefits. The cost and time people spend on sending voice messages is in no way comparable to the results.


In the following note, we will examine in detail the benefits of sending voice messages:



1- Regular and accurate

Face-to-face contact with people can not be followed regularly and according to plan, and the manpower required for these calls definitely requires time and pay. Also, with all the care and effort, the results may not be correct. But we know that in sending a voice message, the pre-recorded voice is sent to more than a thousand people at the same time, so its accuracy is very high and human error is not involved in it..


note that sending voice messages is not always recommended, for example, in the final stages of the transaction and when you want to close the transaction, you must call the customer and listen to the customer’s needs and if necessary Give him appropriate answers, But before this step, in order to introduce the products to the customers, you can use the voice message and leave the thought of buying in the customer’s mind.


2- Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness has made voicemail one of the most useful and compelling options for communicating with customers without the need for multiple human factors. Sending a predefined voice message does not require a large number of sales agents and communication lines. Sending a voice message is actually a one-time investment for long-term benefits.


3- Marketing and advertising tools

Simultaneous access to a large number of local customers and through the use of comprehensive databases of mobile and fixed contact numbers, which is very profitable from a marketing point of view. And many more that can be used as telemarketing capabilities.